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Merry Christmas to all of the DonDattas & Friendfffans across the globe.

We are excited to welcome all of you to Version 5 of This time we have collaborated with the amazing Danielle Cabral, who captured everything Dondria Nicole in a professional way! We love our new look and hope you do as well.

I would like to welcome everyone to DondriaPictures.COM , our new image gallery! We have added new and old photos for your enjoyment.

I just want to apologize for the lack of updates on Dondria Daily. We are currently working on giving the site an upgrade and will be in full effect very soon! You may notice things will start to change…this week! The layout is temporary and will be replaced soon.

We love and support our girl and are here to stay.

By the way, Dondria premiered two new singles ‘Too Good’ and ‘Luh Ya’ in Vegas this past weekend so stay tuned!!