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‘Options’ is that “let me toot my own horn really quick” type of song. It’s basically saying, “Don’t forget, I have options too. So you might wanna straighten up or you can be replaced.” says Dondria Nicole

Dondria Nicole has just released the single cover for her new single ‘Optons’ Click on the images below to view in HQ.

‘Options’ will be released next Friday Dec 9 as the next single from the EP, The Day of the Don, and guess what?…you have a chance to win a free copy of the new single by following the directions below.


Today Dondria was on the set of a new music video looking nothing less of flawless. No word on the title or release but bring this on D!

Earlier this year, our diva released two singles ‘2 Good’ and ‘Luh Ya’ with Ace B. While ‘2 Good’ took off, the ‘Luh Ya’ video never saw the light of day. So what is Phatfffat cooking up now? Stay tuned for more info as it will be released.

Happy Music Friday! Jermaine Dupri x Da Brat released their new collab which features heavenly vocals from Dondria Nicole herself! In the song Dondria samples the famous gospel song ‘I Need You to Survive’

On June 30th, Atlanta got to hear new tracks from Dondria Nicole’s forthcoming EP, The Day of the Don. The Rolling Out hosted event brought out a few familiar faces such as Lex (Bliss), Tyra B and Erica Dixon.

We know Dondria plans to release two more singles before the EP, which is expected this fall.

If you have been listening to Dondria Nicole’s latest interviews talking about her latest single ‘2 Good’ you may know that she has written this song years ago. The original version titled ‘Too Good For You’ was produced by CoachBasic & Sherlock Tones.

As you can hear it does sound somewhat outdated and the lyrics even change at certain points. Watch the video of the official version below, which now has over 10k views!

Dondria appears at 1hr 16min!


The direction she is heading is captivating and interviewing her only strengthened my intrigue. Dondria Nicole Singer/Songwriter, is challenging herself to new heights, all while letting pure creativity be her guide. This young, talented-fierce beauty, got her self-created start on Youtube. Now as an established artist, with two brand new double singles out Luv-Ya and  2 Good  discussing the fruits of her labor exhilarated me. Especially— her key fitness success tip. Check out our chat and keep up with Dondria Nicole as she soars through 2016!

Mm: I just wanted to first of all start with how impressed and amazed  I am that you started on YouTube and you have built this amazing platform. Years ago, I too started my media thing on Youtube, so the power of technology today is amazing. When you started your channel on Youtube, was your intention to be signed? Or how did that transpire — was it a hobby? What was your intention when you started you channel?

DN: It was just a hobby. I wanted to get an unbiased opinion, I had like my family, friends you know my teachers and coaches telling me that, I was talented and sounded good. Yet, if its somebody that bias to you, I kind of don’t listen; cause I want to know what the stranger on the street has to say. How do you feel? Thats whose opinion I want to know, so I put myself on YouTube. I had no, no idea that it was going to turn into what it did. It happened so quickly, like after a year of me being on there everything just changed.

Mm: How did you know with it being so new and so fast who to sign with, how to navigate such a fast industry?

DN: I think that when I first started it was fun, so like I automatically responded back to the fans and if they requested me to do a certain video, I would do it. Just because I wanted to please them you know, when they started asking for more and more and more I just gave them more. I just responded to the demand.


Dondria Nicole is back with new music and we are loving it! The R&B songstress released two new tracks “Luh Ya” and “Too Good” and we must say she has definitely grown not only as an artist but as a young woman. The YouTube phenom has just released the most creative, self-inspired music since her debut single, “You’re The One.” With years of proving herself, Dondria has not given up on love and how she wants to be treated. Both singles come from her upcoming EP the “The Day of the Don” slated for release later this year. Heed recently caught up with Dondria Nicole to talk more about her latest singles, upcoming EP, how she stays fit and more! Check out excerpts from our exclusive conversation.

On the two new singles?

My two new singles are “Luh Ya” and “Too Good” is the other one. I wanted to do a double release because people have been waiting to hear something from me and I wanted to give more than one sound. I didn’t want my reintroduction to be in a box. “Luh Ya” is a little more trendy and “Too Good” is into your feelings and tapping into your self-worth.

On working with So So Def and Jermaine Dupri

I am still affiliated with So So Def and Jermaine Dupri! I did take the time and make the effort to do a lot of this, if not all of it on my own. There were different reasons for that. The first go round I was very young and I didn’t know very much about the music part or the business part. JD and So So Def took of everything, which really didn’t give me a sense of responsibility or teach me my own grind or my own hustle. I’m almost able to say that I’ve been doing this for 10 years, so it should be natural that I’ve learned and I’ve grown. So this is just me taking responsibility and handling my business!


Dondria hit the red carpet at the premiere of ‘Music Moguls’ June 27 looking absolutely stunning in LA. She wore a dress by the Reco Chapple and just shut it down! The TV series premiered last night and will air every Tuesday on BET.

Remember Jermaine Dupri posted he was shooting ‘Moguls’ with Dondria back in January? Hope she’s on the show.


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